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Delta Printer error: Part Exceeds Build Dimensions

Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:22 pm

I have a Kossel printer and S3D v4.0.0
The Build size is 180d x 320z
The Part is 160d x 1.5h

180 x .707 = 127.3
So 127.3 is what I placed in the Build Volume X and Y with 320 in Z
Origin Offsets are 63.6x and 63.6y and 0z

So I believe I have it set up right according to the directions, and this is what the defaults are for the AnyCubic Kossel profile in S3D

The build plate is the right size (counting all the squares up). But when I try to "Center and Arrange" I get this error message:
"Cannot Auto Arrange. Largest Part Exceeds Build Dimensions"

What is going wrong?


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Re: Delta Printer error: Part Exceeds Build Dimensions

Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:54 am

Buen dia a todos:
Soy de Colombia y me pasa el mismo error. Por ejemplo deseo abrir el archivo de la pagina de Thingiverse:

y al cargarlo en el software Simplify3D me aparece el error:

Espero puedan dar solución al tema. Uso Windows 7 64 bits.
falla simplify3d 1.png

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