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BUG REPORT - Profiles Not Saving (Corrupt)

Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:06 am

After a couple of new profiles are created S3d starts acting up and stops saving the Profile (with a combination of saving as a Factory). Cannot figure out what is causing the problem but when I switch profiles it asks me if I want to save it when it's supposedly already saved. The only way to fix is to delete all profiles and start over. I have had to do this 3 times in the past 2 weeks so there is a bug. Then when I switch to another and back to the one I was working on I get an error:

Possible cause: I usually create a profile from the default profile and save as new. Some times I start with a previously saved profile and save as new and this seems to be where the bug starts happening. Might be from multiple save as new creations.

Problem/Bug Discovery: So I opened a Factory File and went to edit process settings (Window Opens). I notice it opens the default profile and not the one saved with the Factory. So I drop down to select the one I want to use. Which shows modified (when it was not). It then pop's up a request to save the profile I'm selecting so I save it (Modified goes away). Close profile window and then reopen edit process settings (Window Opens) and the process starts over again. Default is selected.....Original profile is not saved and says Modified when nothing but opening/closing the profile window. So then I save it again and when I switch to another profile and back I get the error above. I then have to delete it and start over.

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Re: BUG REPORT - Profiles Not Saving (Corrupt)

Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:01 am

Hi, I'm from germany and allways had trouble with profiles when using german umlauts (special characters) in file or process names as well as in comments of scripting lines.
Removing those special characters helped in my case.

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Re: BUG REPORT - Profiles Not Saving (Corrupt)

Fri Aug 30, 2019 1:16 pm

Only Special Characters I use are the underline _ and the Dash - and () for the naming convention. Snapmaker-PETG_Tower(HighQ)
Machine - Material _ Object(Quality)

I think I can cause the problem. More testing this weekend.

When I open a factory that was saved and want to make some changes I change the Profile Settings and then Slice (I did not save the Profile changes). Check the slice and don't like what I see.... Go back to settings and make some tweeks (but don't save it) and go back to slice. Appears when I do this a couple of times and then export the gcode to USB and then save the factory from the slicer without saving the profile that it becomes corrupt.

Will confirm this weekend.

To fix I have to save-as and then delete the corrupt one. Once it's corrupt it cannot be saved..... It's stuck in an endless loop and the (modified) will not go away even after saving.

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