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Fix for Incorrect hole sizes / object dimension

Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:15 am

Hello Simplify3d Team!

Usually I only print artistic stuff that dont need to be exact in dimensions as the STL files. But I did had a lot of issues with some mechanical prints, and thanks for the help of the user horst.w we got a pretty good workaround. But I would like for the simplify3d team to investigate this and try to do a fix.

If we had a "scale to percentage" function, besides the horizontal compensation, this could be a good "workaround" ( not a fix ), since we have to scale the objects everytime we add them to the plate. and the horizontal compensation, does make the holes wider if using negative values, but we have to scale the object up, in other to compensate it.

below is the link to the original topic, full of information that might be useful for you guys.


if you need I am available to help with more data and tests.

Thanks in Advance,

Antonio Santos :D

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Re: Fix for Incorrect hole sizes / object dimension

Fri Dec 18, 2015 4:18 am


There is a change scale % option with uniform scaling if this is what you mean?

Also I print a lot of mechanical parts on the 3d printer's and the problem is mostly the design and the stl settings.

When printing holes, I have to add 0.3mm to the size of the hole in my design so it will print correctly. The external of the shape is normally about right, only being +- 0.1mm out.

When saving the STL, make sure the highest settings are used to make the file better to be worked with in any slicing software.

I currently use a replicator 2, x3 Flash forge pro and a CTC 3d printer. All for mechanical prints.

Once you have edited your design and printed one which is correct in size, it will stay correct in size. Hope this helps from the size problems.

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